Oath by Amy Brock McNew

As we continue Amy Brock McNew’s prequel series, we would like to draw your attention to a behind-the-scene tidbit featured here. These letters (this one especially) are leading to a surprise Amy Brock McNew has planned for her readers. (If you missed yesterday’s post, read it here.)

Follow the trail of letters to find out what it is. Do you have a guess?

Today’s letter, 3 of 5, is from Ryland to Liz. She is on the run, scared, and has no idea who to trust. Can Ryland help her?

Hearts on the Page #3 by Amy Brock McNew



Okay, I’ve had a lot of time to think over the past couple weeks and I’ve come to a few conclusions. First off, I think I’ll keep up with this writing thing. It actually did help to get this crap out of my system a little bit. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll actually read it. I can only hope.

Anyway, I’ve realized something pretty important that I should’ve known right away, I was just too ticked off to see it. The last time I wrote you, I said I doubted your love. I knew as soon as I wrote it that it wasn’t true. I know you love me. I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it. Realizing that and knowing you like I do, I’m pretty sure I know at least part of the reason you left. You think you’re protecting me from something. Saving me. Well here’s the thing, baby girl: I don’t need protecting…

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