Ending Fear’s Blog Tour and Scavenger Hunt Start Tomorrow!

Ending Fear’s blog tour begins tomorrow! Hurray!

And our very own Jebraun Clifford has added a special treat to this blog tour: a scavenger hunt.

There will be an image with a different word at the bottom of each post. Collect them all, and at the end of the blog tour, you will have a complete sentence.

Then follow this link (this one right here) and enter the sentences in its entirety to be entered to win both a paperback of Ending Fear and Ending Fear: the Coloring Book.

Easy, right?

Here is the blog tour schedule:

And here is the final clue for the Scavenger Hunt!

The links have all been updated so you can easily and quickly navigate Deanna’s lovely blog tour and collect all of the scavenger hunt clues.

Also, don’t forget to preorder your own copy of Ending Fear and Ending Fear: the Coloring Book! Barnes & Noble has special preorder pricing for the paperback (29% off!) and the Kindle version on Amazon is now $2.99.

“Deanna Fugett’s writing is gritty, fast-paced, and absorbing. Once falling into her stories you’ll be pleasantly lost in a well-crafted world where characters explore hard questions and truth resonates deep.”
~Brandy Vallance, Award-Winning Author of The Covered Deep


“Deanna Fugett seeks to create more than memorable characters. She truly desires for her readers to dig deep within themselves to expose the sort of moral questions that ultimately a faith in God can answer. She hopes that through her writing the audience will not only unearth their own bravery, but know that while evil exists in our world, good will conquer in the end. Her passion for her readers is evident in each sentence she crafts.”
~Lauren Brandenburg, Author of the Boone Series, MG Fantasy


“Ending Fear is an engrossing, thrilling read! From the first sentence, the reader is plunged into Fear’s world. Add this dystopian novel to your library because Deanna Fugett is a bold new voice in speculative fiction.”
~J.M. Hackman, Author of Spark

And don’t forget Ending Fear’s fabulous release party! We’ve had to extend this Facebook party 30 extra minutes because we had so many prizes to give away.

So now the party is from 7 to 9:30 PM MST.

Repeat: The end time for this party is now 9:30 PM MST because of the number of prizes. Wow! We are thrilled!

Here is the link for the Facebook release party.

Thank you so much for joining us today! We hope you love Deanna Fugett’s book, the coloring book, and each stop of her blog tour.

Happy Reading!

~The L2L2 Publishing Team

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