Book Trailer for Rebirth

Amy Brock McNew’s design company, Amaeris Productions, recently created a book trailer for her latest release, Rebirth.

It is incredible.

We had to share it with you.

Also, we want to thank everyone involved with Rebirth’s cover reveal this past Thursday.

Below are the links to the sites of those who hosted a portion of the reveal.

Thank you for making Rebirth’s cover reveal a success, and enjoy Amy Brock McNew’s book trailer!

~The L2L2 Publishing Team

Lindsay Franklin

Emilie Hendryx

H.A. Titus

Kat Heckenbach

Ralene Burke

JC Morrows

Zachary Totah

Avily Jerome

Josh Hardt

Gretchen Engel

Jennette Mbewe

Jason Joyner

Robin Mason

Rosalie Valentine

Michele Israel Harper

And, of course, Amy Brock McNew

And a special thank you to those who shared on their social media pages!

Pam Halter

Brittany Valentine

Colette Pedersen

Sarah Armstrong-Garner

Deanna Fugett

And many, many more!

Thank you, everyone!

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