2017 Release Schedule

And now the post you’ve all been waiting for. Our 2017 release schedule!

But first, this Thursday we will reveal Amy Brock McNew’s cover for Reconciliation.

If you would like to be a part of the reveal, fill out our form on Google Drive. Thank you!

And now for our 2017 release schedule.

Reconciliation: Book Two of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles by Amy Brock McNew

January 24, 2017

Kill the Beast: Book One of the Beast Hunters by Michele Israel Harper

March 2017

Spark: Book One of the Firebrand Chronicles by J.M. Hackman

May 2017

Ending Fear: Book One of the Gliding Lands by Deanna Fugett

July 2017

Alara’s Call: Book One of the Prophet’s Chronicle by Kristen Stieffel

September 2017

The Final Paladin: Book One of the Key to Apollyon Series by T.J. Akers

November 2017

We will know exact dates the closer we get to each book’s release, and these release dates are subject to change at any time.

Join us Thursday for Reconciliation’s cover reveal!

Happy Reading!

~The L2L2 Publishing Team


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